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Farò il summary delle ultime 6 versioni:

V35 out!
  • Enabled large address aware
  • Fixed selected object text area
  • "About box" a little bit larger

V36 out!
  • Fixed displayed script name and version in environment tab

V37 is out!
  • Added Config option CENTERED_WINDOW to center the program window when opened
  • Added global/local position in the f11 info board
  • Fixed moving with WASD if ctrl was pressed (e.g. ctrl+s)
  • Fixed when switching height brushes, the eraser remained active but not the relative button

V38 is out!
  • Fixed the height brush regression from v37

V39 is out!
  • Auto-Save option added
  • New config option AUTO_SAVE_TIME
  • Fixed some crashes like in save server attr button

V40 is out!
La traduzione in Italiano è disponibile qua e bisogna cambiare dall'ini EN in IT.

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V34 out!
This can be considered a minor update.
I compiled the project with /c++latest and other optimized flags.
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V33 out!
  • Fixed crash if TimeEventAlpha is empty inside the .mse
  • Fixed lens flare
  • Enabled win10 style (it looks stable)
V32 out!
This is just a minor update. I simply disabled the DPI-awareness, so the app won't scale weirdly if you set your windows's scaling (over 150% kinda) at all.
Don't forget that, if you get crashes/asserts, you'll get a logs/{name}.dmp file. You can upload it and send it to me for debugging.
V31 out!
  • Removed useless File Dialog options
  • Removed useless Toolbar options and added Redo ClickMe
  • New config options:
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V30 out!
  • Fixed object attachment in Model Tab
  • Fixed the names of the elements in Effect Tab
  • Fixed crash when saving a .mse script with no mesh model
  • Fixed crash when inserting a lower gradient
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  • Load from PACK first only if pack/property exists, otherwise it loads from FILE first [v28]
  • Fixed multi-object-selection box display
  • Fixed creating new property folders in root tree
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V27 out! Here the changes:
  • Fixed multi-object-selection crash
  • Fixed the missing diffuse lighting in the objects
  • Fixed a crash when previewing a missing texture
  • Default texture displaying count has been increased from 8 to 255 (aka lshift+0 by default)
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The WorldEditorRemix v26 is out! (after 5 years)
The v24 was compiled with vs2010, but the v26 is compiled with vs2019. If you find any regressions, report me all of them.
(for the download, check the mediafire folder)

  • Fixed locale/ymir/mob_proto load (autodetect struct)
  • Fixed <map>/regen.txt save/load/edit (very nice for "m" regens)
  • Fixed ./group.txt load
  • Added water texture change in msenv (you need additional client c++ code; ignore it for now)
  • Added wind strength change in msenv (for speedtree; you need additional client c++ code; ignore it for now)
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Added generation of logs/WorldEditorRemix_{target}_{date}.dmp in case of crashes
  • Updated some icons (logo, menus)
  • Updated granny to 2.11
  • Changed config file extension
  • Load from PACK is available if property/ is missing and pack/property is present! Be sure pack/Index exists! (textureset from PACK ignores textureset/ if the relative pack exists)
Bugs to fix in the future releases:
  • ObjectList empty in PACK mode
  • SkyBox textures not cleared when switching maps
  • Some random asserts (if you get any, write me which ones, so that I at least suppress them)
  • I'll probably add some more config options
Aggiunto tutorials-and-resources.txt (nel mediafire folder) contenente una lista di videotutorials (di CryPrime) per il WE e le relative risorse per mappare.