How to Cheat Metin2 Login #1


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28 Luglio 2023
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Hello Today Friends, I will teach you how to make mt2 cheats that are very old and sitting in the words of a new new one, and this series will start over the Chat Engine and we will go to cities such as IDA PRO, let's get to know our priorities program, in fact, everything will be to key in the remaining ones only after going to the neat b, which includes hiding everything :)today we will not do it by heart here, we will not do it more clearly and I will present the logic in a way you will understand.

First, let's get to know the program we use, I will keep it short without much length.

What does Chat Engine do?

As the name suggests, it is a cheat program. It is written in C language. It is used to increase important factors such as money or health in the game, to make the game easier. hex connection and execution tool

IDA Pro is a digital utility. In particular, it is a tool for runtime regularization of target programs, code analysis, numerical directories, and file analysis. You can use IDA Pro for disassembly, error logging, decompilation, etc. So long story short, it's our backbone.


Yes, let's find out what it does (KNOWING THE PROGRAM YOU USE IS 90% OF CHEATING)

Let's start with the Scan Type. Scan Type is also known as Scan type.

In the Scan type (Scan Type) region

Exact value

-Certain value (used when we are absolutely sure of a value)





Value in between

-For example value between 1 and 10

Unknown initial value

-to find values that we don't know, that we don't know, that we can't even have an opinion about.

Value Type alias Value types

* You can search up to 255 digits in 2 Bytes, above 255 is 4 bytes.

* 4 Bytes up to 650000 is an option for 4 Bytes, that is, an element.

* 8 Bytes above 650000 can execute in 8 bytes.

* Float part is the shape of 4 bytes.

* The Double part is for games that use 4 bytes using semicolon codes, which are usually substitutions.

* String(Text) is a section where the name of the game is written directly in order to overcome the data of the games, Turkish characters are not used.

* Array Of Byte String is the representation of the definitions found here.

* All of the above search types are summarized in the files of the search types found above.

Yes, since we understand this, we have made a general definition today, those who manage the next management will start with simple tricks from the very beginning and we will move on to tricks that are difficult with quite difficult tricks.