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Dedicato Lineage][Melody(Opening April 2nd - 08:00 p.m.)

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28 Marzo 2016

People of Lineage 2,
Welcome to a miraculous story in the secret kingdom of L2 Melody, one of the biggest INTERLUDE server currently available.

GRAND OPENING: 2nd of April!

You can count on a stable game thanks to our good VPS. We ensure you maximum fun, indeed our Staff organize a lot of events every week. In case of problems the developers are ready to help you.


You were appointed to be the chosen one to enter this fantastic world.

You will discover the pathway to the glory. Fight against your enemies and conquer a seat among the Gods... Compete with other heroes to win the glorious Olympiad.

Are you ready to enter our KINGDOM?!

And let the gate of this fabulous Realm be opened!!

...::::::::::: SERVER INFORMATIONS :::::::::::...

...::::::::::: RATES SERVER :::::::::::...
Rate Experience Points = 5000x
Rate Skill Points = 5000x
Rate Adena = 5000x
Drop Item Crafter = 5000x

...::::::::::: ENCHANT SERVER :::::::::::...
Safe Enchant = +4
Max Enchant with Normal = +14
Max Enchant with Blessed = +14
Max Enchant with Crystal = +20
Scroll Enchant Normal Chance = 65%
Scroll Enchant Blessed Chance = 75%
Scroll Enchant Crystal Chance = 100%

*NOTE: Crystal scrolls can enchant from +15 to +20
*NOTE: Crystal scrolls can enchant from +20 to +25
1.000 PvP --> +21 On all Items!
3.000 PvP --> +22 On all Items!
5.000 PvP --> +23 On all Items!
7.000 PvP --> +24 On all Items!
10.000 PvP --> +25 On all Items!
...::::::::::: REWARDS & EVENTS :::::::::::...
TvT Event = 5 Event-Medal
CTF Event = 5 Event-Medal
DM Event = 5 Event-Medal
Zombies vs Humans Event = According to the killings made, you will receive the Event-Medal
Russian Roulette Event= 2 Event-Medal if you survived to the last cheast
Treasure Hunt Event= 2 Event-Medal for each cheast that will be opened
Siege Reward = The Clan that conquers the Castle receives a reward (x40 Quick Greater Healing potion each player Online at the end of Siege!)
Special Event = Surprise Events prepared by staff during all the week with special rewards!!!

...::::::::::: SYSTEMS :::::::::::...
Olympiads 100%
Castle Siege 100%
Duel System 100%
Hero System 100%
Offline Trade 100%
TvT System 100%
CTF System 100%
DM System 100%
Mini Events 100%
All Balanced Classes 100% Retail

...::::::::::: PVP Color System :::::::::::...
According to the number of the PvP realized, your name will be dispayed with the following colors:
3000PvP --> Blue
5000PvP --> Grey
7500PvP --> Yellow
10000PvP --> Orange
15000PvP --> Violet
20000PvP --> Black

...::::::::::: Commands :::::::::::...
/olympiadstat --> You will be able to see your olympiad points.
.online --> You will be able to see online characters.
.exit --> Exit from solo PvP zone.
.join --> Register to the event.
.unjoin --> Unregister from the event.
.eventvote -->you will be able to vote for one mini-event.
/offline_shop --> You will be able to open an offline store. (*!*Instruction: In order to active this command you have to open a store and then write the following command /offline_shop ).

...::::::::::: CONTACTS :::::::::::...

Facebook Official Page: Facebook Page
Email Address: [email protected]
Skype Account: l2melody
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