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1 Novembre 2021
the server is not "classic" or "oldstyle" any longer with ultraboss and shiny metin/pokemon; i had fun 2 months, but the staff s management and mindset is the worst i ve ever seen and it s the first time i quit a server because of 0 faith on the staff. If you like oldfancymt2 and hidden changelog that break any balance between old and new utency, you ll enjoy it
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12 Febbraio 2010
Hello everyone ! Here the next patch!

This patch is loaded with QoL updates! You can also look forward to our holiday event! Let's get to it!

Festive Event!
'Tis the season of joy! Let's celebrate with something for everyone. The Event is seperated into 3 Phases;

Phase 1 - Gather Seed
To participate you need to be at least level 40, don't worry though - if you're not level 40 yet you'll get a few items as well as an exp bonus until the 24th of December. So try to reach level 40! The NPC Santa Claus will tell you to kill bosses to get a "Festive Seed". This seed will allow you to plant a tree in the Festive Land.
To enter the festive map you will need to finish Santa's quest once. After that you can enter the map freely when talking to santa! This will unlock Phase 2:

Phase 2 - Gather Nutrient
You can get a nutrient by killing bosses every day from the 1st to the 24th of december. If you use this nutrient on a tree(dragging the nutrient on top of the tree), it will grow and you'll get a prize! You can preview prizes when talking to Santa, you can also check which ones you missed.
This Event will award the festive Costumes, Pet and Mount for 7 days, you can use the Permafrost to change them into permanent versions!

Phase 3 - ???
This is a small mistery for now ��


Geez, I hate having to sell all these useless items
- If you select the "sell" option in an open NPC shop window, you can sell items without confirmation by holding the SHIFT key.
- Items sold this way CAN'T be restored! So be careful!

Trading all these valuables sure takes time...
- When exchanging with another player you can hold the SHIFT key to quickly place the desired items into the exchange window!

Ahhh, my eyes!
- A night mode has been added! You can find it in the config and system options.

Why can't I gather EXP here?
- You will now be notified about not gaining EXP when you log into maps that require a certain level to gather EXP.

Forgot what I was looking for
- Forgetfulness books can now be found via the Shop search! (With their skill names!)

Speak about forgetting!
- Combo Settings are now remembered between map changes and logins.

I'm the mightiest Wild Dog this server has seen for exactly... how long?
- You will now be notified about the duration of your transformation!

The Jade whistle will help me powerlevel without any effort!
- In order to prevent abuse, the Jade Whistle has been limited to 50 uses per day.

Nice, a ring that allows me to speak with every other Nation....
- Language Rings can now be recycled

At this point I want to tell you that we do listen to your feedback and your worries, which is why the following two updates don't get a cutsey introduction. These were highly requested and controversed changes. Please understand that, just because a change is not implemented immediatly that we still DO listen to you. Some changes simply don't feel right sometimes. And even changes that have been implemented can change yet again. We love your feedback so keep it coming.

In the latest update we introduced the shiny system, a lot of you were distrought by the guaranteed Soulstone drop. So we're changing it up for metins under level 40. These will no longer guarantee a Soulstone but a "Gem Pouch" - The Gem pouch contain a random +4 gemstone.
The last change for this update is aimed at everyone who keeps breaking the attack speed cap. Attack Speed Overhaul The majority of races used to experience missed attacks while having a high attack speed on a horse. This was fixed some patches ago by limiting the maximum attack speed to a value before this issue presented itself.
With this update, that exact change is now visible on your Character status page, so now it shows the actual attack speed considering the technical limitations. We did this both for transparency sake and also to bring a new bonus to the players!

Attack Overflow Bonus!
If you go over the attack speed limit, for instance while using a green potion or berserk, this extra attack speed is no longer lost! It's awarded back to you as "Attack Overflow Bonus" which will increase your basic attack damage by 1%(Up to a maximum of 10% when you have 50% overflow) for every 5% attack speed over the current limit! This bonus is displayed in your character status window(C) near your current attack speed.

Update 30th November 15:00 CET