Undetected Nostale Bot Fish Minigame and more


Utente Iron
11 Novembre 2022
Hi community ! I place in this release my last job related to Nostale.
This patch allows the player to have the PhoenixBot everywhere, without the need to bought the program.

By Cracked Bot you can have access to :

[Premium features]

Ice Flower Point
Unlimited amount of clients
Runs on background
Save and load profiles
Custom mob filters (Blacklist + whitelist)
Custom attack scan radius
Attack with pets
Able to use otter skill
Kite system
Monster priority
Custom buffs
All the healing options are available (same as free version)
Auto revive
Use custom items every x seconds
Feed pet every x seconds
Custom loot options (Blacklist + whitelist)
Custom loot radius
Ice flower bot
Poison Plant of Damnation bot
Waypoint system
Auto record waypoints
Walk with pets
Use amulet of return when route ends
You can simulate lure killing mobs every x waypoints
Go to miniland after a specific time to use buffs on other clients
Join other player miniland/Use bell to join your own miniland
GM / Player / Map /Whisper Security options
Minigames bot up to level 5
Use production coupons
Use 2x reward coupons
Block access to portals
Move to players when the IC round ends
Custom resolution changer
Uninterruptible Dance
No delay
Zoom Hack
Attack Speed Hack
Speed Hack
ALT+F6 Start all bots
ALT+F7 Stop all bots
ALT+F8 Send custom packets
ALT+F9 Disable game rendering on all bots
ALT+F10 Enable game rendering on all bots
Fully automated AoT bot
DPS Meter
Fish Bot

How install ? : GF Client > NosTale > Settings > Find your repository

Place all the files in your NosTale Folder and run NosTale then PhoenixByKar

You need to have 7 zip : https://www.7-zip.org/a/7z2201-x64.exe

Download PhoenixBot : https://mega.nz/file/wf1TFLSa#S9lX2aYf46hsE6EWKbrFIz5gvY6ua7ceaWA1l5atXhA

VirusTotal 0/61


Thank to ymrmaker ; doluX.