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Max Fridman

Community Manager
8 Agosto 2010
Ciao a tutti!
Il link non funziona, potete gentilmente ripristinarlo? Grazie mille!

Ripristinato siamo arrivati alla versione 1.0.4H che introduce questi bug fix :
  • Fixed issues with berry plants causing crashes.
  • Fixed clipping issue after taking the ferry to Bealbeach.
  • Fixed crash when battling on route 8.
  • Fixed Theo and his dad being invisible in the hospital.


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23 Dicembre 2009
Ultima modifica:
Scusa l'ignoranza, su pc che emulatore serve per poterci giocare?
Okkey niente scherzavo, la domanda l'ho fatta mentre il gioco era in download :patt:
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3 Novembre 2016
Ripristinato siamo arrivati alla versione 1.0.4H che introduce questi bug fix :
  • Fixed issues with berry plants causing crashes.
  • Fixed clipping issue after taking the ferry to Bealbeach.
  • Fixed crash when battling on route 8.
  • Fixed Theo and his dad being invisible in the hospital.
Grazie mille! Siete sempre i migliori!


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12 Febbraio 2017
potresti ripristinare i download, ne ho bisogno, devo fare una serie su pokemon uranium e volevo scaricare questi aggiornamenti (versione 1.0.4) ma i link non funzionano, potresti ripristinarli al più presto? Comunque grazie in anticipo.

Max Fridman

Community Manager
8 Agosto 2010
Patch Update 1.1.0 • 4th Jan 2017

Major features

  • Full language support, and an option to change the game's languange in Options. Expect different translations of the game coming in the future! If you want to contribute to a translation of the game, please contact us.
  • Complete Spanish translation of the game! Experience the entirety of Pokémon Uranium adapted to Spanish-speaking audiences!
  • Enjoy a new post-game event! Catch two previously unaccessible Pokémon: Praseopunk and Neopunk, in an entirely new area with a new minigame!
  • The rest of the HM Items have been added to the game! Visit the Tinkerer in Legen Town throughout the story to obtain the Surfboard, Scuba Gear, Climbing Pick, and Quadcopter. You can finally get rid of your HMs!
  • Discover dozens of new beautiful animations for Uranium Pokémon! The game is more alive than ever!
  • Nuzlocke Mode has been reworked! You can now select the specific rules you want for your Nuzlocke game at the start of your run, including a Shiny Clause. Enjoy this higher-difficulty game mode with personalized settings!
  • An Exit button has been added in-game, so you can now return to the main menu and change between savefiles quickly without needing to close the game window.
Changes and Addition
  • Bamb'o will now actually be able to be called from your PokéPod to review your Pokédex. In existing saves, you must talk to him once in his lab to add him.
  • New chilling music tracks for Championship Battle and Theo Championship Battle! Made by ElectricMudkip, the original creator of some of the game's music.
  • Most music tracks in the game have been edited to make them loop better.
  • A watering can has been added, so you can now water your berries. The "Sprinklotad" is given to you by the two trainers in the Victory Road Secret Garden. If you have already battled them just talk to them to receive it.
  • Re-added a Font Selection setting in the Options menu, from the beta of the game!
  • The Save Selection screen will now display the name of the character instead of the "Save Slot" number. Nuzlocke saves will be marked as such, too.
  • The FRN tag on traded foreign Pokémon has been replaced with a flag representing the Pokémon's language of origin. The new World Flag will accompany some Mystery Gift Pokémon, and will allow for them to utilise the Masuda Method with any Pokemon they could normally breed with.
  • Decreased the chance of Poké Radar chains being broken.
  • Added Nuclear party icons for all the Nuclear Pokémon in the game, normal and shiny.
  • Feral Nuclear Pokémon will display a RAD tag on their summary screen, which will allow you to identify them as being radioactive and disobedient until they are cured.
  • Added the option to quit the game from the game itself or from the main menu.
  • The new HM items will display different character animations when used. You can now look at your character surfing and diving by themselves!
  • The Burned Notebook pages from Nuclear Plant Epsilon will now be picked up when interacted with and will be readable by using the notebook in your bag.
  • Changes and fixes have been done to several interfaces in the game to improve their looks. These include the Map, PokéPod, Egg Summary, Pokédex Search, and more.
  • Changes to the Map: Tweaked to represent some in-game routes better, and previously unlabeled locations have been given their names, as well as graphical fixes and name corrections.
  • Re-added Pokémon Dentist in Snowbank Town, because he was such a nice guy.
  • Urayne will now learn Atomic Punch at level 80.

  • Fixed many typos and square boxes throughout the game's text, and tweaked some dialogues. Expect more improvements to the game's dialogue in the future.
  • Some tiles have had their collision fixed.
  • Fixed excessive lag in Venesi City and Bealbeach City. Thousands of unused off-screen water tiles have been removed.
  • Pluto's sprite will now be wearing the hazard suit during the Zeta mission.
  • The lanterns in Tsukinami Village will now be lit at night.
  • When the Rangers evacuate Tsukinami, all of the villagers will now be gone insted of just the ones in the town square.
  • You can no longer surf on land from the Bealbeach docks, sorry.
  • Fixed an error where Bamb'o would stay at Cypress Lab after the PST side quest was finished.
  • Fixed a bug where saving after your first battle with Theo but before talking with Cam would cause the first half of the dialogue to be skipped.
  • Many issues involving the Venesi bridges have been fixed.
  • Fixed the title banner getting cut off when arriving at Omicron.
  • Fixed bug where you could get stuck in front of Theo if you talked to him while surfing at Omicron.
  • Added a failsafe to unstick players that became trapped in the walls of the Bealbeach mall after updating to 1.0.4
  • Corrected a problem where a cliff on Route 12 and 13 would look different depending on which route you were viewing it from.
  • Fixed Full Heal being listed twice in the Silverport PokéMart.
  • Fixed the map showing the player on Route 11 when in the Daycare Center.
  • Fixed woman in the Ranger HQ bacement talking to an imaginary Bamb'o.
  • Fixed rare bug where you could get stuck outside the map on Route 4.
  • Fixed bug where Bamb'o would just vanish after talking to Kellyn.
  • Fixed two ghost signs on Route 4.
  • Removed the TV and Wii from the Amatree Town Rest Center.
  • Trading a Pokémon with a held item to a NPC will now put the item back in your bag insted of losing it.
  • Fixed bug where changing any options would reset the window position.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to treat Nuclear Pokémon from Route 7 as non-nuclear.
  • Getting KOed during the Trial of Truth will no longer leave you unable to run.
  • Fixed many problems in the Tsukinami Gym making the counter of tiles not match the actual number.
  • Using the escape rope or dig after exiting the hidden cave will no longer cause odd behaviour.
  • Fixed bug where getting KOed after first arriving in Legen Town would respawn you at the Vinoville Pokémon Center.
  • Fixed bug in the north wing of Zeta where entering after the timer runs out once would cause an immediate KO.
  • Fixed a bug where if you beat the first gym before doing the Pokémon Center tutorial your PC would be stuck as "Someone's PC" for the rest of your game.
  • Fixed soft lock caused by reading the sign in Moki Town before Bamb'o explains how to catch Pokémon.
  • Fly has been disabled in parts where you weren't supposed to use it yet, making the story unable to progress.
  • Fixed bug where the names of trainers' Pokémon would sometimes be missing in phone conversations.
  • Fixed bug where there would be two of each ninja in the final cutscene of the Ninja Reunion Sidequest.
  • Fixed bug where genderless Pokémon could not pass on HAs.
  • Fixed bug where you would still be in your hazard suit when respawning after losing to Nuclear Actan.
  • Fixed the move selection box being misaligned when talking to the Move Deleter.
  • Reworked Pokédex Search menu.
  • Reworked Egg Summary screen.
  • Added missing trainer pictures to the PokéPod.
  • Corrected white-on-white text in a lot of the PokéPod menus.
  • Corrected text positioning on map and added a label in the empty box on the top left.
  • The pause menu now won't show the option to toggle running shoes unless you have them.
  • The Hall of Fame can now be closed by the keyboard like other menus.
  • Pluto's OT name will now be in green insted of black on the Pokémon summary screen.
  • Added missing icon for the Nuclear Ball on the summary screen.
  • Yellow flute is no longer consumed on use.
  • Nuclear Corsoreef is now actually Nuclear type.
  • Added a missing animation for Shiny Archilles, and a missing Shiny Mega-Archilles sprite.
  • Fixed several back sprites that were miscolored.
  • Gyarados will now have Moxie as its HA.
  • Radioacid is no longer treated as a physical move.
  • Dazzling Gleam will now affect both opponents in double battles.
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