Cercasi [RETRIBUITO] Metin2 SG - CoMa (Senior Staff)


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13 Agosto 2008
Hi everyone!

Metin2 SG is looking for a new CoMa, which is a senior member of the team.

Your job would be to take care of the community, expand it and make an overall better playing experience for everyone.

You must have experience in marketing, as we aim to both gain new players and retain them and also try to capture old players who may have quit our server in the past. Knowledge of Metin2 is also a must.
As you will work closely with other members of the team, ability to work in a team is required. You also must know English as our server is international.

Past experience with other servers as Game Admin or CoMa is a big plus.

24h/24 7days /7 availability is needed, but work hours are flexible. You will work from home.

First month will be a non-paid test phase, if you pass the first month, you will join the team and the second month will be paid for € 800,00. From the third month, there will be another raise in your salary which will be agreed during the second month.

If you want to apply for this position, send an email to info[at]tec-interactive.com or open a ticket at https://www.metin2sg.com/Support - Don't forget to include a detailed explaination of your experience, your name, age and nationality!

Thank you!

PS. Please don't send Private Messages via Inforge to send applications, we won't consider them.