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@LoLLo©Heartlongju hola boy,

mi da costantemente questo errore ogni volta che provo a lavorare ad una mappa nuova è normale?
LoLLo©Heartlongju ha aggiornato WorldEditor ReMIX:

we remix v40 + traduzione italiana

Farò il summary delle ultime 6 versioni:

V35 out!
  • Enabled large address aware
  • Fixed selected object text area
  • "About box" a little bit larger

V36 out!
  • Fixed displayed script name and version in environment tab

V37 is out!
  • Added Config option CENTERED_WINDOW to center the program window when opened
  • Added global/local position in the f11 info board
  • Fixed moving with WASD if ctrl was pressed (e.g. ctrl+s)
  • Fixed when switching...

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