Undetected xRitos Menu Mod NosTale


Utente Iron
1 Maggio 2023

I am releasing a demo of my cheat xRitos on NosTale.

Options :
  • Damage Graph : Show players damages (taken, dealt, min/max).
  • CtrlZHack : It allows you to re-enable it in fight. It does not reset the animation anymore, it is just for laggy computer.
  • NoRenderer : Stop the game from rendering. You can still use buffs, walk, etc. The game is not stopped, only the rendering (so the CPU's and GPU's usage are highly decreased.
  • Tactical mode : Modify the rendering of the 3D map to show out blocking entities, also show map grid.
  • Nosmate low : Stop your Nosmate from coming back at you when they are low and not in A mode.
  • No Mouse click inverting : Your click won't be inverted when affected by SP7M debuff.
  • Fps : Change directly FPS in game.
  • Glacerus autopilot : When a frozen zone is up, your character will go right at it in the shortest time possible.
Cheats :
  • ZoomHack : Zoom as far as you want (care, CPU's and GPU's usage are based on the zoom).
  • Invisible hack : (also known as "Eagle Eyes") : You can now see invisible entity.
  • Spy Act4 : You can now get opposent's informations (pseudonym, reputation, stuff et caetera)
  • Speedhack : Gives you an extra movespeed bonus. Maximum speed is 57.
  • Range : Increase your range from 1~3.
  • No Stun : Allows moving while stunned.
  • No Delay : You can instantly use SP, locomotion and this kind of things.
  • Ghost Walk : You can walk through tight walls
  • Talk From Far : Be able to start dialogue with NPC from wherever you are (on the same map)
  • Hit And Run : Disable some game animation in order to hit faster and move while attacking.
  • C autos : Decrease animation blocking time by the value you want.
  • Auto Attackspeed Hack : Hit really fast if the auto attack cd is low.
  • Skill Attackspeed Hack : Cast your skills as fast as possible. It does not bypass cooldown, just animation time.
  • Skillshot Attackspeed Hack : Same as above, for skillshot.
  • Get Camera on Right Click : The camera will follow the player you wish. Also work on minimap if "Display players" is checked.
  • Display players : Display players on minimap.
  • Display NPC : Display NPC on minimap.
  • Display drops : Display drops on minimap.
  • Display monsters : Display monsters on minimap.
  • Teleport wherever you want from [-512;-512] to [+512;+512]

You can find download link to the Demo version there : https://discord.gg/brT2YKJtW2

Thanks to SLY.