Oldschool Evony2 - Quality is the Difference With its 1-99 Structure, it will be with you on Friday, April 19, 2024 at 21:00 WITH RENEWED MAPS AND CURRENT

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Evony2, 'Quality is the Difference!' With its slogan, it invites you to a real adventure, taking you out of the monotony of clicking on the Metin Stone of ordinary farm simulators. Immerse yourself in a gaming experience free of over-the-top damage boost systems, allowing you to enjoy the classic gameplay where both PvP and PvM play important roles. Warrior, Ninja,
Start your journey by choosing one of the available characters such as Sura or Shaman and reach the highest level of 99. Evony2 offers reworked dungeons, modernized maps and a game universe where old and new systems blend together.
It creates a dynamic atmosphere.
Offering 4 language support, Evony2 brings together players worldwide, creating the Evony2 community of adventurers. Step into a world where nostalgia and innovation meet in Evony2, which combines tradition with modernity, and embark on an unforgettable journey. Are you ready to discover the fascinating world of Evony2, which prioritizes quality?



sul sito è presente la presentazione del server in diverse lingue
Tranne in italiano.. ma non è questo il problema, nonostante la presentazione non si vede un anteprima di cos'è il server.. un farm metin? un server incentrato nel pvp? o sui dungeon? che skin ci sono le solite o nuove ? che gear? se ci è data la possibilità di capire già uno si fa un idea se scaricarlo grazie!
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