Tool Minecraft 1.8 – 1.8.3 Hacked Client PvP Slay – Kryptonite (with OptiFine)

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17 Maggio 2014
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Lista hack
[NCP] Aimbot – Aims at the closest entity to your cursor when you attack. | Key (default): 0, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] Aura – Kill players and mobs that are close to you. | Key (default): P, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] AutoEnchant – Automatically enchant tools and armour | Key (default): 0, Category: WORLD
[NCP] AutoFish – Automatically fishes for you. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MISC
[NCP] AutoPotion – Automatically throws potions. | Key (default): J, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] AutoSoup – Automatically drink soup (KitPvP) | Key (default): H, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] AutoTool – Automatically selects the best tool for the block. | Key (default): NONE, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] Blink – Simulates lag. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MISC
[NCP] BowAimbot – Aims the bow for you. | Key (default): NONE, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] Brightness – Makes the world bright. | Key (default): B, Category: WORLD
[NCP] CaveFinder – Helps you to find caves. | Key (default): NONE, Category: RENDER
[NCP] Cham – Pretty much a player xray. | Key (default): NONE, Category: RENDER
[NCP] ClickAim – Aims at entities when you click your mouse. | Key (default): NONE, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] Crumbs – Shows you where you’ve been. | Key (default): NONE, Category: RENDER
Climb – Climb up walls. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Criticals – Makes you always get crits. | Key (default): NONE, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] Eat – Makes you eat faster. | Key (default): NONE, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] ESP – Draws boxes around selected entities. | Key (default): M, Category: RENDER
[NCP] FastBow – Spam arrows. | Key (default): NONE, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] FastPlace – Place blocks faster. | Key (default): NONE, Category: WORLD
[NCP] Flinch – The camera doesn’t wobble when you get hit. | Key (default): NONE, Category: COMBAT
Fly – Fly around the world. | Key (default): F, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Freecam – Free the camera to look around. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MISC
[NCP] Ghetto – Speak like you’re from the ghetto. | Key (default): NONE, Category: CHAT
[NCP] Glide – Glides instead of falling. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Gui – The click gui. | Key (default): RSHIFT, Category: NONE
HighJump – Makes you jump higher. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] HUD – Makes the HUD look a lot better. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MISC
[NCP] Info – Shows info about your armour and items. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MISC
[NCP] Instant – Mine blocks a lot faster. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MISC
[NCP] Ladders – Makes you climb faster and climb gaps. | Key (default): L, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] LiquidWalk – Walk on liquids (water and lava). | Key (default): NONE, Category: WORLD
[NCP] NoBurn – You don’t burn when on fire. | Key (default): NONE, Category: PLAYER
NoFall – Stops you from taking fall damage. | Key (default): NONE, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] NoPush – Stops you being pushed or knocked. | Key (default): G, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] NoSlow – Soul Sand and Webs (etc) don’t slow you down. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] NoWeather – It’s always sunny in Minecraft. | Key (default): NONE, Category: WORLD
Nuker – Destroy blocks around you | Key (default): MINUS, Category: WORLD
[NCP] Overlay – Stops fire and pumpkins (etc) from appearing on your screen. | Key (default): NONE, Category: RENDER
[NCP] Parkour – Exploit NCP to win at parkour. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Phase – Exploit NCP to glitch through blocks. | Key (default): K, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Reach – Reach slightly further. | Key (default): NONE, Category: PLAYER
Regen – Regenerate health faster. | Key (default): NONE, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] Respawn – Automatically respawns for you. | Key (default): NONE, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] Retard – Makes you look like retarded. | Key (default): EQUALS, Category: MISC
[NCP] ReverseStep – Makes you step down full blocks. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Revive – Auto revives you on some servers. | Key (default): NONE, Category: COMBAT
[NCP] SafeWalk – Don’t fall off edges. | Key (default): NONE, Category: PLAYER
Sneak – Tells the server that you’re sneaking. | Key (default): Z, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] Speed – Move faster. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] SpeedyGonzales – Mine blocks faster. | Key (default): NONE, Category: WORLD
[NCP] Spheres – Draws hit spheres around players. | Key (default): NONE, Category: RENDER
[NCP] Sprint – Makes you always sprint | Key (default): R, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] Step – Makes you step up full blocks | Key (default): U, Category: MOVEMENT
[NCP] Swear – Bypass swear filters. | Key (default): NONE, Category: CHAT
[NCP] TabUI – Use your arrow keys to toggle hacks. | Key (default): NONE, Category: MISC
[NCP] Tags – Makes players nametags better. | Key (default): NONE, Category: RENDER
[NCP] Tracers – Draws lines to players. | Key (default): GRAVE, Category: RENDER
[NCP] Waterfall – Automatically place water buckets to stop fall damage. | Key (default): O, Category: PLAYER
[NCP] WorldTime – What time is it? You decide. | Key (default): NONE, Category: WORLD
[NCP] Xray – See important blocks easily. | Key (default): X, Category: RENDER

aura – .aura mob/player | Changes the Aura targets.
autosoup – .autosoup | Changes the AutoSoup item.
bind – .bind hack key | Binds or rebinds a hack to a key.
damage – .damage | Damages the player. Useful to bypass NCP for some movement mods.
enchant – .enchant | Enchants the item you are currently holding. Requires creative.
esp – .esp entity/blockid | Adds blocks or entities to the ESP.
friend – .friend | Adds a friend to stop combat hacks from effecting them.
help – .help | Prints all commands currently in the client to chat.
imgur – .imgur | Uploads your most recent screenshot to Imgur.
ip – .ip | Gets the server’s IP.
lagblock – .lagblock string | Creates a lagblock.
op – .op | Ops all of your alts.
panic – .panic | Turns all hacks off.
preset – .preset pvp | Get to play quickly by using presets.
say – .say string | Sends a message to the server.
scrape – .scrape | Copies usernames to a text file.
speed – .speed speed | Sets the speed (movement) speed.
timer – .timer speed | Changes the game speed.
toggle – .toggle hack | Toggles a hack.
vclip – .vclip amount | Moves the player up or down.
whitelist – .whitelist | Whitelists all of your alts.
xray – .xray blockid | Adds or removes blocks from the xray.

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