Sondaggio Phase 2 - Semi-final | Rate the Metin2 Server of the Year 2022 - International Private Servers

Which international private server of Metin2 is the best of the year 2022?


    Voti: 9 15.0%
  • ASTRA2

    Voti: 2 3.3%

    Voti: 49 81.7%

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Voting for the first elimination phase of the Metin2 Server of the Year 2022 begins, we remind you that in this discussion it is FORBIDDEN to post messages, which will be immediately deleted in order not to alter votes with inappropriate comments. You can discuss the survey (the outcome will be secret until its conclusion) in the dedicated discussion: Discussione su "Vota il Server Metin2 dell'Anno 2022"

1    How vote works

Given the number of servers that can participate, there will be no skimming phase but we will go straight to the semi-final phase. The three participating servers will compete in the first voting. From the semi-finals, the two servers with the most points will advance to the final phase of the contest where they will compete head-to-head with the final vote to decide the Server of the Year 2022.

Each vote will last 10 days:
  • Phase 2 - Semi-final: December 27 to January 6, 2022
  • Phase 3 - Final: January 6, 2022 to January 16, 2023
Each survey participant can vote one time which will have a value based on the User Rank that the user has on Inforge:
  • Utente Iron: 1 point
  • Utente Bronze / Silver: 2 points
  • Utente Electrum / Gold: 4 points
  • Utente Emerald / Jade : 6 points
  • Utente Platinum / Palladium / Diamond: 8 points
  • Utente Tourmaline / Alexandrite: 10 points
Utenti Premium+ / Utenti Storici will be considered based on their actual rank on the forum.

"Server of the Year 2022 - International Private Servers"
Vote for the server you think is the most beautiful!

2    List of servers

You can vote only once and you cannot change your vote under any circumstances.
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