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Utente Bronze
26 Settembre 2016

GRAND OPENING 30-09-2016 17:00pm
Lineage II Memories Gracia Final L2Off

Official Website: GigaRent Fun
Official Forum: GigaRent Labs Forum
Official Facebook Page: HERE

XP/SP | x5
Drop/Spoil | x10
Vitality | x2
Herb | x2
AI Adena/Exp| x5
Adena | x10
Raid Boss Drop | x5
Safe Enchant | Retail (+3, +4 for Full Body)

Gracia Final Retail Feature:
Territory War
Castle / Fortress / Clan / Residence Pailaka
3 vs 3 Olympiad / Aerial Cleft
Gracia and Seeds / Seed of Infinity / Seed of Destruction
Aerial Hunting / Flying Transformations / Airships
Aerial Collection / Ground Collection
Vesper (S84) Weapon/Armor / Dual Daggers / Sigil / Icarus (S84) Weapons
Fantasy Isle / Handy’s Block Checker / Kratei’s Cube

Auto Pickup | Enables/disables | .looton/.lootoff
(1200 range max)
Offline Trader | Enables | .offline
Exp On Off | Enables/disables | .expon/.expoff
Server Time | Enables | .time

Buff Slot System:
Maximum (normal) slot count | 20 Slots
Maximum slots from Divine Inspiration | 4 Slots

Premium System:
Earn GPoints by Registering to GigaRent Fun | 5 GPoints
Earn GPoints by Login to GigaRent Fun | 2 GPoints
Earn GPoints by Daily Visit to GigaRent Fun | 2 GPoints
Earn GPoints by Voting for the Server | 40 GPoints
Earn GPoints by Donating for the Server | ∞ GPoints

Exchange 100 GPoints to ingame Coin of Luck | 100 Coins of Luck

InGame Premium Service:
Get 50k Adena | 1 Coin of Luck
Make Nobless | 1000 Coins of Luck
1st Class Change | 100 Coins of Luck
2nd Class Change | 300 Coins of Luck
3rd Class Change | 500 Coins of Luck

InGame Premium Shop:
Fortuna Cube C-A | 300/1200 Coins of Luck
Variouse Potions-Elixir-Scroll | 1/350 Coins of Luck
Rune of Exp-Sp-Rp | 100/5000 Coins of Luck
Variouse Consumable Items | 50/1200 Coins of Luck
Fashion Items and Agathion | 50/500 Coins of Luck
Premium Pet Ticket | 30 Coins of Luck
Trasformation Scroll | 50 Coins of Luck
Kamaloka Reuse Ticket | 5/50 Coins of Luck
Teleport Bookmark | 50/70 Coins of Luck
Title Name Color Changer | 50 Coins of Luck

Server Rules:
It is strictly prohibited the use of cheats and bots.
Insults at players and gm will be punished with temporary or permanent ban from the entire account.
The sale of accounts / items for money will be punished with a permanent account ban and items cancellation of the seller and the buyer.
The secondary clans may be expropriated by ClanHall (after warning by GM) if the server gameplay makes it necessary.
The use and the non- signaling of any specific exploits / bugs / glitches by players will be punished with temporary or permanent account ban.
Is prohibited impersonate gm or claim to act in his name.
The use of names/tags/crest offensive for the community may lead to action by the GM.
Dedicated Staff with years of experience – 24/7.
Anytime Ticket Support for any problem.
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