Cercasi We Are Looking For Staff For Our New Global Server Wayne2!


Utente Iron
29 Agosto 2023
Dear Community,

We are looking for In-Game and Discord staff which will work voluntarily to protect justice, prevent injustice and support us to provide a peaceful game environment to all of our players.
If you want to contribute and help to our game's development and want to protect the general tranquility of the players and the game by joining our team please read the given details carefully.
-You are above 18
-You have enough knowledge about Metin2
-You are thinking that you can devote enough time for your tasks,
-You want to help and contribute to the development of the game in our team completely voluntarily without any profit.
-All you need to do is to fill the application form in the link below and send it with via e-mail that your game account registered in.
-Your application will be examined and only the candidates with positive applications will be reached by us when the candidate is needed for the position we desire.
-Your submitted application will remain in our database and there will be no elimination period and lastly applications that are evaluated negatively will receive no response from us.
-If your application is in a positive state, you will be reached for an interview that will be made with via WhatsApp/Discord-Since your application will be pending, it would be sufficient to apply once. If you make your application more than once it may cause you to be negatively evaluated.
-Once you are accepted into our team, you can continue to play the game but if you violate the rules of the game or the discord your discord account and also your game account will be terminated.
-It is strictly forbidden to share any the details about the task given to you or the task of an different team member.,

All you have to do is fill out the form which is given in the description

Form link: https://forms.gle/UauB48TjYC3JrBJH6

Wayne2 Management Team