Domanda Araz4Story - PVP New Patch 5.x

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3 Gennaio 2017

-Aerial War
-Companion System
-Unified Mission War
-New Custom Colors
-New Custom Items (Blue Chakra, Dark Wings)
-Reworked Tournament System (Everyone has equal Equip & Potions)
-Reworked Honor Point System
-Email Login Verification
-Credit Trading System
-Skin System
-Title System
-New UI
-Portal crashes have been fixed
-Level 40 Equipment has been added to Shops (for Achievement Points)
-New Skills have been added to Evocator
-Class Bonus Skills have been added
-Lottery System
-Saddle System
-Utility Bar System
-Mount Effects
-Effectable Costumes
-Effectable Cloaks
-Level 140 & new Jewels options
-Skin Shops
-Gold as Color (+17~)
-Invisibility Potions and Event Skills aren't working in Tournament anymore
-7 Days Mounts in Marduk
>Alot of changes has been done to the warrior.
-Defense Stance has been buffed and now gives 150% more Magic defense points and 140% more normal defense points
-Attack Stance has been buffed and now gives 110% more Damage and gives you 104% more defense points
-Axe Throwing now is an instant cast
-You can now use "Forceful Spirit","Furious Blow","Block Skills","Destroy Armour","Will of Recovery" while moving
-"Holy Knight","Warlord" and "Dragon Knight" Cloaks are now dyeable.
-The Cavern of Eternal Ice drops have been set. You drop Endendros Coins which you can trade for Whips,Gemstones and other Items. In Markut you get it from Gaen and in Keter from Halder, next to the mission portal
-The Orcs have been replaced by "Evil Father Christmas" and moved to Ardir. You can now find them in the Monster Areas of the Map.
-Free Spaces in Guild Name
-Security System
-Staff Tedesco, Inglese e Italiano.

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