Middleschool OnixDragon2 | Server MiddleSchool | Opening 15/09/2023 17:00 CEST

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Registrations and Downloads Enabled, the opening is approaching!

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See you on the 15th at 17:00 CEST.

Kind regards from the OnixDragon2 Team.


PATCH NOTES [v1.0.1.8 - v1.0.1.9]: click here

PATCH NOTES [v1.0.2.0]: click here

Dear Dragoners! From the OnixDragon2 team we want to thank everyone who has been giving us information regarding the progress of the Project, for which for about a few days we had a "Return bug" where some Players experienced changes in their Items when going from CH or changing to a different map.

We would like to inform you that our team worked hard to identify the problem and fix it, so players are now enjoying smooth gameplay. We have activated the total rates by +50% on all of them, to compensate for the situation that has passed.

Best regards!​

PATCH NOTES [v1.0.2.4]

Thanks to those players who are still with the OnixDragon2 project, we are listening to your suggestions which are being implemented as we make important updates.

We have updated our Event Calendar, which will now be directly in game and more interactive, so players will be able to make live visual use of it.


This will be available via the letter or from the taskbar.


Or through their button you can do it anywhere you want.


With this in mind, the list of new Events will be announced in the EVENT NEWS section of our forum, in which case the digital Calendar presented in the same session will no longer be of use.

  • Other internal configurations and repairs that improve server performance.

Note: If you get any error please contact Support at #📩│support, it is important to log in from _Onix2Patcher.exe, otherwise the system will ask for it automatically.

Kind regards.

PATCH NOTES [v1.0.2.5]

As a way to elude Halloween we have made the change of our main cities for the second phase of our Event which will take place in the next few days, details of which will be announced soon.

In addition to this, due to the game mode we have, we have enabled the (Autohunt), this in order to give a little help to those players who are still doing their constant farming.

This is identifiable by the letter [K] and from the Taskbar.


There will be two Free options which are (Attack and Focus), the other options are for those players who are Premium Members which are described below.



- If we activate the "Attack" option, our character will attack automatically.

- If we activate the "Focus" option, our character will attack at long distances.

- If we activate the option "Potions", our character will use potions automatically. our character will use potions automatically.

- If we activate the "Skills" option, our character will use skills automatically.

- If we activate the option "Resurrection", our character will automatically use potions. our character will come back to life after death.

- If we activate the "Save" option, will save the settings for when you exit the game.

- If we activate the "Start" option, we will start all the previous options we have found.

- If we activate the "Stop" option, will stop everything the character does.

Note:  you can get more information on how to use "?" in the Autohunt interface.

This item is available in our ItemShop in the section Special Items -> Pass/Premium for 80 Coins. Please note that the premium has more benefits on our server, valid in the Presentation.

During the whole month of October, the main cities will have a different tone.


  • Other internal configurations and repairs that improve server performance.
Kind regards.
Ultima modifica:

In the last few days we have prepared some important points regarding the project. We have implemented and made internal corrections which improve the server performance.
  • Implementations have been made for the Halloween Event.
  • Fixed the creation coordinates for the new Halloween map in all realms. Previously some characters were stuck in the old coordinates of the main maps when they were created.
  • Mainly we have corrected the chat texts of the NPCs, this with an informative tone, which as these MOBS or NPCs will give important information when they talk to you.

  • We have also implemented our Equipment and Accessories (Infinite Use) system, which will be available through ItemShop and Events.

  • The Biologist's informative text is corrected, which at the time of informing you that it is ready for the next delivery always gave you an erroneous text.
  • In all our systems we have set which font to use, apart from the manual opening. For example [F6] <- Dungeons. This will help many users as well as the information will be available through the letter [H] <- Help.
  • The Events Calendar - letter , is given a different appearance and the [Right Click - Next] button is removed, because when there is more than one Event during the day, it is automatically passed.


  • Some languages are checked and some information abaout the missions is corrected.
  • Other internal configurations and repairs that improve server performance.


We are kicking off this year's Halloween Event.


Welcome to the Birch Branch Event! The intrepid adventurers have discovered that the monsters in the forest are hiding birch logs, a material that this occasion must be destroyed. Your mission is to hunt monsters to gather birch logs and then destroy 5000 units to complete the Event Battle Pass mission, and so, let the fun begin!

Note: remember to finish the additional missions of the Event type Battle Pass. The trunk is droppable for players > 30 Levels.



    • A complete Halloween SET will be delivered to help you for 30 days to fight monsters, bosses and others.
    • In addition you will also get two Autohunt tickets for (1d), to be used as Premium.
    • You will get a trunk with everything you need to help you in your process for 7 days.

Monster Hunt: Explore through all players and hunt monsters. Each defeated monster will reward you with birch logs. The more powerful the monster, the more birch logs you will get.

The date will be estimated until October 31 at 23:59 CEST, when the Battle Pass Event will end. Prepare your weapons, sharpen your skills and join us for a day full of excitement and adventure in the magical OnixDragon2.

Note: If you get any error please contact Support at #📩│support, it is important to log in from _Onix2Patcher.exe, otherwise the system will ask for it automatically

Kind regards.