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Max Fridman

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8 Agosto 2010
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In the following lines I will explain which content your server presentation needs and which things are optional for a server presentation as well as which content is against the rules or not allowed in your presentation.

The following things are needed for a server presentation:

- A correct title (Middleschool, Oldschool, Newschool, FunPvP — Release Date)
- The server presentation, write a few lines or use explanatory pics (max 30) or 1 long one (measures: 720 x XYZ)
- What are the server features and when will your server start [...]
- Which systems and features your server have and how the gameplay looks like
- Mention the team
- You need a website for your server

Your server presentation could include the following things:

- A structure - to maintain a good overview
- A presentation of your server team (more than just mentioning your team)
- An advertisement for your social media channels
- Your update cycle regarding future updates / events
- Plans for the future
- Which kind of upgrade system, shops, server rates, bonus stats, maps/dungeon [...] exists

Things that are against the rules / not allowed in your server presentation:

- A short thread with two to three sentences and/or only a homepage link
- A server presentation in other languages than Italian or English

A designed presentation looks better than simply a text presentation but dont forget the site links.
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